Some updates to customer service!

Good morning! We've recently made some updates to how customer emails and CS queries are handled, to better serve you more efficiently!

We are now using a service called Freshdesk . Similar to Zen Desk, it forwards all messages you send to Aromaleigh (either direct, through contact form, or even here on Facebook and Twitter) in to a central dashboard. You get a "ticket" confirmation for all queries sent via email or website contact form, so you know your message has made it through.

A lot of messages in the last few months have been getting lost in the aether, or customers have not gotten our replies, so this should stop that from happening. Fingers crossed.

The other cool thing about this is that Carol can mark things I need to address with a special status, which helps me to stay really organized and on top of things (organizational things being something I struggle with).

So if you've noticed something different when contacting Aromaleigh, that's why! Last week we did try out Zen Desk on a trial basis, so you might have also gotten some emails marked as Zen Desk. We discontinued that, as Fresh Desk has more features that fit our needs.

As always thanks for being awesome!

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