"Anthousai" collection- Greek flower nymphs COMING SOON!

Today I'm finishing up formulation of the Greek flower nymph collection, "Anthousai". I can't wait to start photographing these beautiful spring shades, inspired by the stories of the nymphs transformed into flowers and plants. (And classical paintings, too). Shades will include Klytie, Khloris, Lotis, Phyllis, Leiriope, Ianthe, Rhodeia, Philyra, and Syrinx.

I'm also excited about this collection because it features the improved eyeshadow formulation I've been working on- so these are super smooth and pigmented, and can easily be used without any base. They aren't semi-loose (as in a formula that comes as a jar of little "balls" of eyeshadow), but they aren't totally loose, either! If you do opt for a base, you see stronger color shifts though. But some days, it's nice to just brush and go.

When the Dryades collection comes back into stock on the 15th of this month, it will also feature this new formula and be available in the deluxe sample size.

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Can't wait!
In your mind is " soon" like a month or three? Or something longer? By any chance shorter?
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