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Request a Mythical Creature

Suggest a Mythical creature for the Color of the Month and Menagerie!

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I think a siren menagerie would be cool, for those sultry voiced bird women who tried luring odysseus off course. But since you are doing hydra this could wait until later. Oh...also as a high school English teacher I've always loved the poem jabberwocky!! I have it memorized and recite it dramatically for my students. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a jabberwocky theme!!

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I would love to see some mythical horses like unicorns, Pegasus, hippocampus, etc. For Pegasus I think a soft feathery grey with blue tones to mimic the sky and wings, or gold sparks to reference the golden bridle that could catch him.


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Mermaids for summertime! (So original, I know, but I'd loooove me some mermaids.) 

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i agree with @wetherelldanielle for the Jabberwocky... Especially since I'm going to college to be a high school english teacher! haha. I imagine a duochrome - a deep, woody brown ( Came whiffling through the tulgey wood) with a silver or pewter sheen (the vorpal blade) and some fiery (the jabberwock's eyes of flame) iridescence. if that's possible! 

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Hmmm...thinking more about the jabberwocky, I've always pictured the tulgey wood as dank and glistening... a lush beautiful but dangerous place. Perhaps a greenish brown with something for the "eyes of flame". Then again, the beginning and end of the poem "Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wave," has always made me think of twilight, a time of day where the light is fading, and people are relaxing to tell stories. The crickets are chirping. I picture a brilliant navy with bright blue glitter and green for the slithy toves...perhaps there is a hint of something for the occasional firefly as well...

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I love the idea of Morrigan as a shadow.  I know she is a trinity, so I would love a base, shimmer/interference, and then a glitter to represent all 3 of her aspects.

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I absolutely love Chinese dragons because they control weather and are just generally really cool.  I'd love a Menagerie based on them and maybe one of the cheek products can be 'Stormbringer' or something to that.  Just anything Chinese dragon based, please!  I'm dying to see what kind of label art you come up with if it is based on that.

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I second the mermaid idea and the selkie idea. I also like the idea of an eyeshadow inspired by Baba Yaga, if there hasn't been already.

With summer coming I always go to the "water" themed things. One of my favorite mystical creatures are sirens & my favorite: "Lorelei" who used to lure sailors & ships straight into the rocks on the Rhine River in Germany. I've been there SEVERAL times & still get chills when I pass the Lorelei pass. I would imagine it being a deep water teal & green shift with gold & silver sparkles luring you in to your sudden death.

I believe this was mentioned on the AL Facebook page before, but I would like to also add my vote for the Kelpie Horse.

As you start getting into August/September I would love to see a phoenix or efreet/ifrit menagerie. Deep oranges and reds and bursts of sparkle would be wonderful for transitioning into fall.

A Kappa or a Kirin menagerie might be fun! I could see Kappa being shades of green and blue for the water and the skin, and a brown for the shell. For the Kirin you could have fun with browns and golds.  

It would be neat to see a Selkie or a Kelpie shade.
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