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Request a Goddess

Starting in May, I'll be doing a monthly Goddess color. It may be a blush, eyeshadow or any type of other loose powder product.

Feel free to share as much info as you wish about the Goddess-inspired shade you'd like to see. Links, pictures are awesome!

I'll choose a monthly Goddess to feature based on your suggestions here.

It can be from any part of the world- in fact, the more obscure, the better. I love to learn new things!

IMPORTANT- Please only list ONE goddess per post. It is very hard for me to process information if you present a list of many things.

I've already done tons of Greek and Roman Goddess colors over the years, and if there's ones I haven't done it's because I have them planned for future collections.

I have a whole series of Norse Goddess colors already researched and upcoming.

I have no shortage of ideas for Goddess colors, but the idea of this thread is to get your suggestions, your wishes for a Goddess color. 

Thanks and have fun!

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Ariadne and Inanna, Rhiannon. Nephtys - no one ever does her and she's amazing. Maat. I don't know if you'd consider it, but Mary Magdalene is a goddess and there is such a thing called Christo-pagans. I see a very beautiful queenly metallic foiled deep red.
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