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Request a Goddess

Starting in May, I'll be doing a monthly Goddess color. It may be a blush, eyeshadow or any type of other loose powder product.

Feel free to share as much info as you wish about the Goddess-inspired shade you'd like to see. Links, pictures are awesome!

I'll choose a monthly Goddess to feature based on your suggestions here.

It can be from any part of the world- in fact, the more obscure, the better. I love to learn new things!

IMPORTANT- Please only list ONE goddess per post. It is very hard for me to process information if you present a list of many things.

I've already done tons of Greek and Roman Goddess colors over the years, and if there's ones I haven't done it's because I have them planned for future collections.

I have a whole series of Norse Goddess colors already researched and upcoming.

I have no shortage of ideas for Goddess colors, but the idea of this thread is to get your suggestions, your wishes for a Goddess color. 

Thanks and have fun!

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Ariadne and Inanna, Rhiannon. Nephtys - no one ever does her and she's amazing. Maat. I don't know if you'd consider it, but Mary Magdalene is a goddess and there is such a thing called Christo-pagans. I see a very beautiful queenly metallic foiled deep red.

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She is a hindu goddess who's name means "the invincible". She is often depicted with 8 arms riding astride a tiger or occasionally a lion. Sometimes she is identified as Pavarti, which I understand you have already made. However, I think it would be really neat to see Durga specifically. She has often been depicted with pink skin in paintings, so a baby pink rouge might be apt. I personally want this for the packaging to show Durga astride a tiger. I hope you see this and consider it!

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I would like to suggest Aradia.  The savior goddess of witchcraft, resistance and liberation. In Leland's Gospel of the Witches she was described as being the daughter of Diana (The Moon) and Lucifer (The Sun).  She was a beloved folk figure in Italy, and her mythos has experienced a resurgence within the past few years.  I've always thought she was a wonderful and inspiring figure.

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