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Request a Blush/Rouge color

Looking for a specific cheek color? Feel free to make a request!

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I would like to suggest a Boysenberry blush color.  I've attached a photo of a dress that somewhat conveys what I'm imagining. It would be a boysenberry color with a tinge of blue (not overwhelming) and some kind of brightening luster added to the mix so it will brighten up a sallow skin tone.  Best applied with a light touch.
Thank you!
Mary L.


Here are some ideas:

  • a yellow (or heavily yellow-leaning peach) blush that has either a copper or bright orange shift to make it more wearable in downplaying the yellow color in some lights without losing the color entirely
  • pure red with matte or satin finish
  • light, unsaturated lilac with a subtle golden shift
  • pastel orange with matte finish 
  • metallic dark red
  • muted bronze with copper and red shifts
  • sheer blue-leaning violet
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